Are you doing this to make money? 

No. Post the Host is non profit making. No one receives any income from it. The accounts are available for public inspection and are audited.

Is this just a gimmick? 

No. It arises out of our passionate belief that Christ gave his life and his body for everyone and not just a religious elite. 

When are the hosts consecrated? 

They are consecrated in the Chapel of St Francis at Welling in Kent or in another chapel or church once a week or more often, if demand is great.  They are consecrated during a full and formal Mass.

Who consecrates the hosts? 

A cleric of the Open Episcopal Church. 

But what if the Host gets lost in the post or falls into the hands of a devil worshipper? 

We believe that Jesus can take good care of himself. The Bible says that Jesus visited hell itself in order to redeem. We believe the more of Jesus that is spread around the world the better. 

But surely you have to be a special authorised assistant to bear the consecrated host to others? 

We believe that anyone can bear the consecrated host to another and are thrilled that the postal workers around the country will be our unwitting special assistants. 

How often should the host be received? 

That is up to the person although the normal guideline is once a day or once a week or once a month. 

Can I receive the Host at other times? 

Yes. You may wish to receive the Host more than once a day in an emergency or on a special occasion or in preparation for a major challenge like an interview or an exam. 

Surely the Host is just a symbol? 

Christians have different views about whether the Host actually is the Body of Christ or is a symbol of it. It is for you to make up your mind about this. Whatever conclusion you arrive at, what is undeniable is that it is a potent item that changes people’s lives. 

But can only Christians receive it? 

The Open Episcopal Church believes that anyone can receive it without exception. 

But if I have been excommunicated or am divorced or am regarded as being in sin can I receive it? 


Isn’t  the sacrament  free? 

Yes the sacrament is free, but the post and packaging and the costs involved in Post the Host are shared. However if a person cannot contribute they are welcome to attend one of the services of consecration and receive the consecrated Host or if the situation merits it, we can arrange to subsidise the sending out of the hosts for no contribution.

But why do you only provide the bread and not the wine? 

The church believes that when you have the Body of Jesus, i.e. the Host, it contains the blood also, so that you do not need to have the wine as well. That is why we distribute the Host alone. However, if you would like to receive the consecrated wine also, you can contact us by email to arrange this.

But who is Post the Host for? 

It's for anyone. It enables people to have direct access to the sacrament and to be able to make their own choices about when and where they receive it. It also means that people can carry a Host with them on a neck chain or in a specially adapted wallet for emergencies or just to have that sense that Jesus is with them throughout the day. It is also ideal for those who are housebound and cannot attend church any more but wish to receive. It is also for all those who wouldn’t choose to go anywhere near a church, but who are desperately searching for the true meaning of life and the resources that are reliable, that don’t perish and don’t create dependencies. It is also for families wishing to receive Communion together at home or groups of friends or churches who have no minister at present.

Can people from other countries order the Host?

Yes. There may be individuals, groups or churches that would benefit from receiving the consecrated host. They may be in countries where Christianity is restricted or forbidden. They may be isolated and desperate for the Body of Christ and the knowledge that they are part of the worldwide family of God.

But shouldn't the Host be consecrated in community and received in community?

Yes. The Host is consecrated within the community of the Open Episcopal Church. The individual that receives it is tugged into the community of all those who receive as well as being tugged to more fully engage with the entire community of God’s created order. It is rare that a person is not a member of many communities made up of family, friends, work associates, interest groups, networks etc. The Host is received in the context of all of these. If a specifically Christian network is not among them, then Post the Host provides the first evangelistic opportunity to build a bridge to encourage one. Our site will in time provide more resources to nourish those who form part of this liquid, mobile, modern and fluid Christian community. We will also provide opportunities for face to face gathering.

But why is it so important that a priest consecrates the Host?

 It is important for many Christians that a priest, as a chosen ordained representative of Christ consecrates the Host. However, other Christians follow other traditions. There is nothing to stop you  consecrating your own Hosts with your community, friends or your family.