This page will give details of how Post the Host is developing

MARCH 2020

Covid-19 has triggered the Archbishop Of Canterbury, Justin Welby to close Anglican churches for worship. The Open Episcopal Church is here, as ever, willing to continue to provide Holy Communion by post.

MARCH 2017: There is a great joy being able to distribute the consecrated hosts across the world to any who ask for them. Access to Jesus is free and open to all. Just looking through the records, I thought it might hearten you to know, that through Post the Host, we have shared the Body of Christ with 3,268 communicants, across England, the USA, Holland, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Finland, New Zealand and Belarus.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Post the Host brings comfort to many around the globe who ask to receive the consecrated hosts for their own personal use or with their worshipping community.

APRIL 2015: Post the Host remains in demand from around the UK and across the world, providing unrestricted access to the Body of Christ.

MARCH 2013: Latest requests from the USA for personal reception and from a Netherlands University for students wishing to offer Eucharistic devotion.

JANUARY 2013 : Post the Host continues to bring blessing to those seeking God and to bring the presence of Christ close in sacramental form.

SEPTEMBER 2012: Orders from abroad and from the U.K.

JULY 2012: Hundreds of consecrated hosts are being shared out through Post the Host to those who otherwise would be deprived of the sacrament. Those who feel called to carry out a ministry to others, bringing them the love and the life of Jesus through the consecrated elements are now enabled to do so. The denominational churches can no longer restrict christian ministry to the few and control access to the body of Jesus to an elite. Jesus and God's love is for everyone.

January 2012: Post the Host continues to bring hope and love to the community. Those who are 'on the edge' or are discriminated against by the established church bodies or those who are pioneering front line ministry are blessed in being able to receive the sacraments in this way. The Post the Host spirit is beginning to spread, with worshippers in our services being encouraged to take more of the the consecrated host themselves, to be able to share with those not able to attend. The living bread, the Body of Christ for all.

September 2011: A receiver writes: 'I am very glad to do so and grateful for this ministry that has allowed me, as a lay person, to bring the Body and Blood of Christ to people who have no other options.

Tomorrow I will also be mailing fifty of the Hosts you have sent me to a friend who is ill and for various reasons beyond her control has been estranged from the Church and sacraments.  She is a foster mom -- soon to be a legal mother -- with children who are scarred psychologically.  I always share the Hosts I've received with as many people as wish for them.'

July - A comment received from one of our users:  'I usually commune twice, sometimes three times a week from my own parish.  Now I can commune every day.  I find it peaceful to have Jesus so accessible in the Sacrament, and when I commune daily, it is much easier to resist temptation and remain in a mindful state.

I still hope to show you an example of a liturgy I've modified for the purposes of communing from the Reserved Sacrament when no priest is available.

I seem to remember reading in The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia by Michael Glazier and Monika K. Hellwig, that in early centuries Christians would take home what was left of the Sacrament after communing on Sunday.  They would commune throughout the week under one species until Sunday, the day of the Paschal feast, when they would again celebrate the mysteries and take the remaining Sacrament into their homes.'

JULY: A small community of young people in England have now asked to receive the consecrated hosts on a regular basis each month.

JUNE: A grateful communicant has written: "I have brought the Sacrament to a friend who is banned from Communion in most churches. And I will bring it to my grandmother, sick with cancer and my other ill friend. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing this has been to me. When you send me these Hosts, they are not just reaching me. They are reaching my friends, my family and their friends and family. They are getting to people who are ill and never otherwise receive His Body."

MAY: One recipient has created a forest shrine in memory of St Francis and has established a tabernacle containing the consecrated Host within the glade. Another recipient felt so alienated from 'traditional' church that they have found immense comfort being able to receive the sacrament from PTH.

MARCH: Orders continue to arrive from those who find life and strength through receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. Spread the word. Never take Holy Communion or receive the Mass without sharing Christ's life with others. Keep safe part of your Host received at the altar and offer it to someone 'outside' the church. Bring them the love of Christ.

2011: WE ARE HOPING TO DEVELOP A REGULAR INTERNET MASS. Participants will be able to choose whether they regard the prayer of consecration offered by the priest as consecrating the bread and wine they have available in their home or whether they receive the consecrated bread and wine provided by Post the Host. Do email us if you are interested in being part of this new service.

SEPTEMBER: People are ordering the Body and Blood of Christ to sustain them through their busy schedules. Some are not able to attend church due to shift patterns or through circumstantial pressures; the very people and situations that require the church to resource them in a flexible and accessible manner.

JULY/AUGUST: An order from the United States for a Christian who wishes to follow the ancient practice of carrying a Host with him throughout the day. Other orders for those who find solace and inspiration from receiving the Host as part of their daily devotion. Another who wants to cherish just a single Host knowing the living Jesus is close by.

JULY: Consecrated Hosts have continued to be ordered bringing the living Christ into homes and families across Europe. The Post the Host videos also stimulate thought and debate and challenge people's prejudices and assumptions.

MAY: Consecrated Hosts have been sent out across the world, including Germany and New Zealand. Hosts have been used in street outreach work.

APRIL: RECENT MESSAGE: I am excited to hear news of the success of your venture "PTH".

You continue to inspire me and your are in my prayers this day as I
minister amongst the little ones here at a Children's Hospital in the USA.

MARCH 9TH: The first 8 consecrated hosts were posted to unsolicited members of the public. This new initiative is an expression of God's unconditional love and the desire to spread the Good News of God's love.

The covering letter invites them to receive and to get in touch if they wish to explore their relationship with God further.

Please pray that those who receive the consecrated host will be blessed.

March 1st 2010: A film crew from Italy has made a documentary about PTH, because of  the interest sparked by the international media coverage.

Two Roman Catholic priests have visited the PTH base in London, one from Italy and the other from England. They expressed their support for PTH and their belief in what we were doing.

We have received further reports of blessing on reception of the hosts.

We are praying about sending the consecrated hosts out to people who haven't requested them in an evangelistic hope that contact with Jesus will transform their lives.

It may be that God is calling you to help us in this mission. Please get in touch.

September 27th 2009: Encouraging email just received - 'Post the Host is one of the best things that happened in my spiritual life in some time now.
I have a more personal relationship with Christ now, and I really can feel His presence in my house.'

September 14th: PTH is bringing Jesus close to people. recent orders have included 300 consecrated hosts and wine for a student in Croatia who wishes to receive each day of his studies this coming academic year.

August 24th: Orders have been steadily received over the last few weeks including orders for consecrated wine, and one for non alchoholic. International interest has also been maintained with orders from oversees and international media interest. An Italian order for 100 Hosts was received recently for a person whose elderly parents could not attend Mass anymore and wished to receive at home.

July 25th: The first order was received for consecrated wine as well as the consecrated host.

July 19th: Another person touched by the Holy Spirit re Post the Host.

I have been watching the developments of post the host with interest. At first I was unsure about the concept but continued to pray about it and discuss it with a variety of people. Having communion over the internet is certainly a radical move especially in so many different styles. I have also read the comments from 'ship of fools' and the press as well as the comments posted on post the host website. The last video I watched where you appealed to clergy and Christians to have a different approach struck a chord and I continued to pray and ask God if there was anything I could do to contribute or whether I should just continue to observe.

Last Sunday we unexpectedly had an 11year old girl stay with us for a weekend of respite care. She came to church with us and I asked her if she wanted to come to the altar for a blessing after explaining what this meant she said she did. As she knelt beside me for communion she raised her hands to receive the host as I had done and I put her hands to her side as she had not been baptised or confirmed. The vicar, a retired gentleman, gave me the host, and took the girl's arms from her side and gave her the host! I was gobsmacked and he smiled down at me and said to both of us, 'It is okay. God knows.' What a wally I had been! There I am preaching inclusivity and then almost stopping a child from receiving Christ. So for me that was a clear step of learning and an answer to the questions I had been asking God about post the host. Every one is welcome to His table and I could either invite people or try to prevent them.

July 13th: A very moving experience from one who has received the Hosts.

As I told you in my previous  mail I had to meditate a considerable time before asking you. But then I received the bible verse Proverbs 30: 25 in my heart. When I spoke to Jesus about my postbox and that a possible fall of the parcel in my corridor seemed to me to be a dishonour for Him that was too great to bear, I heard the majestic and yet so warm voice in my heart: Why do you think that I have made Me that small? The day before the parcels came, I reveived Proverbs 31: 14 which was very moving for me.

I  met a gifted inventor from an East-European country when I was doing volunteer work among the homeless. He had fled from his country because his family wanted him in an psychiatric hospital for his mental symtoms. There was also political disagreement betweed him and his very influential family.  He had a lot of official papers and parts of newspapers with him to prove his story.No country wanted to give him a right to stay and this is how he came fleeing to my house. We gave him shelter.  Because  of his growing psychosis I feared for his life. I decided to have a time of prayer together and give him a host. If I could not reach him from the outside, the Lord could from the inside.  When he received the host he said after some time: "This must be a most holy thing. He stopped my (psychotic) mind. It is calm in my mind. No one has ever been able to do so."

June 30th: Nearly 1000 Hosts have now been distributed. Alleluia.

June 30th: Some applicants would also like to receive the consecrated wine, so this is now possible by contacting us via email.

June 29th: "I  feel I should write to you (from Belgium). I am a Christian, and just read the article on the consecrated wafer and home made masses and find it a great idea.  I want to congratulate you on this." Name and address suplied.

June 28th: An very positive article written by Mr David Brown from Holy Trinity Church of England church  in Bishop's Stortford who ordered and received the Host. It appeared briefly on the church web site but was removed after pressure from others was brought to bear about it.


June 19th: Over 400 hosts have been sent out now around this country and to Germany and Canada. Some of the reasons for ordering having included preparation for surgery, the local church only providing Mass once a month, outreach ministry and to aid worship in a Chapel.

June 15th: The first orders have been sent out. Alleluia.

June 12th: Post the Host has been discussed on Damian Thompson's Daily Telegraph blog, on the Christian web site Ship of Fools,.

It has been covered in an article in the Guardian ( See Press Stories Page ), on LBC radio, on the World Service, on Italian television, On Premier Christian Radio.

There has been worldwide interest in the service and the utube videos have received thousands of hits.